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“After discovering that our daughter was testing out in the top of her class for reading, writing and math her teacher became worried about our daughter not being challenged enough in class.  We can be truly honest when we say this was not because of us but because of the amazing instruction she received during her 5 years at CFCCDC. Thanks again to you and your staff for guiding her to be the wonderful child she is today!”

“My son attended CFC/CDC for 4 years.  Each year, my son was thoroughly prepared for the next class in his age group.  The teachers also took extra care in preparing him for kindergarten.  My son has received the highest marks he can receive as a kindergarten student.  He has also been recognized in the “high” category for his math skills.  I am grateful to the leadership and teaching staff at CFC/CDC and would highly recommend their program to any parent who wishes to have their child obtain a successful entrance into elementary school.”

“Just a note to again say thank you so much for doing such a FANTASTIC job of preparing our son for Kindergarten.  We just had our first parent/teacher conference this past week and his teacher told us that he is an awesome reader.  Not only that, but he got the highest grade in his class on the reading evaluation!!  He scored at the level of a child who is two months into the 1st grade school year, so he is a full year ahead of the ‘average’.  I am so proud of him and so thankful to you all for your HUGE part in getting him started on his path to success.  He has a love for reading and learning that was highly encouraged and nurtured by all his wonderful teachers at CFCCDC.  I just can’t thank you enough for all you have done and continue to do for our family.  We are truly blessed.”

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